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Licence Agreement with EUROCONTROL

Select qualified personnel

Attend compulsory accreditation training

Terms and conditions

The ELPAC test suite was developed in accordance with the ICAO language proficiency requirements as they are defined in ICAO doc 9835 (Manual on the implementation of language proficiency requirements). The ELPAC ATC test is currently the only language proficiency test with ICAO test recognition.

If you intend to operate ELPAC in an EASA Member State, additionally you will also have to seek approval from the competent authority to operate as a Language Assessment Body (Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 for air traffic controllers and Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011).

If you are planning on using ELPAC outside EASA Member States you should contact the Civil Aviation Authority to inquire about the procedures to become a language proficiency test centre.

Testing of licence holders using ELPAC is subject to a fee of 95 EUR (ninety-five euro) per ELPAC test administered on the ELPAC test server.

The first 10 (ten) ELPAC tests are invoiced in advance upon signature of the Licence Agreement. The remaining balance is based on the total number of tests taken and it is periodically invoiced by EUROCONTROL twice per year (January and July).

The ELPAC Licence Agreement contains detailed description of the terms and conditions.

ELPAC Licence Agreement

ELPAC examiner training

To maintain standards in ELPAC testing and to support the effective use of the ELPAC test by organisations that have concluded an ELPAC licence agreement, EUROCONTROL offers a number of courses:

ELPAC Accreditation Course [ELPAC-ACR]

For training of nominated ELPAC test administrators, markers and examiners and preparation for accreditation by the regulatory authority

ELPAC Examiner Refresher Course [ELPAC-REF]

ELPAC refresher course, for accredited markers and examiners

ELPAC Level 6 Examiner Course [ELPAC-L6E]

ELPAC level 6 examiner course, for experienced ELPAC examiners wishing to use the ELPAC level 6 test

ELPAC Examiner Refresher Online course [ELPAC-REF-O]

ELPAC online refresher course, for accredited markers and examiners

Organizations that wish to train a group of examiners can benefit from our on-site course service subject to a separate quote. Additional courses on request are also possible.

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Still need more information about how to become ELPAC test provider?

EUROCONTROL can provide an overview of ELPAC to your organisation. This can include a presentation to decision makers and staff involved in Language Proficiency testing. Alternatively we could organise a short workshop combining information with a demonstration of ELPAC. Participation of local licencing authorities is also welcome.

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